Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…


How can I make a booking and how do I pay?

To reserve a date a prepaid is of 40, -E is required. After booking (payment within the Netherlands by Tikkie, within Belgium by bank transfer) I will send a PDF with all the information on how to prepare for the session. Booking by phone 0031 626826169, e-mail:, Facebook or Instagram. We settle the payment for session on the day of the session in cash.


Where is the session held?

The sessions take place outdoors in beautiful locations indicated by me or chosen by you. Location list here. There are locations that do not require additional costs, some do. I live in Dongen, South of Netherlands between Tilburg & Breda.


How will I get the photos?

You will receive all photos up to 3 weeks after the session via in full-size and ready to print. Also upload pics to whats-up. Each photo in the package will be perfectly edited in unique, most beautiful style.


What if the weather is bad?

We will postpone the session to the first convenient date if heavy rains are expected. If however they announce a little rain, using the Buienalarm application (I invite you to download) 24 hours before I am able to predict what time it will rain therefore we don’t postpone the session but we arrange, if possible, dry hours. 3-2 days before the session the weather should already be known. Please call me to talk about the details like best place, the right time and I will answer the rest of your questions.


Can I cancel the sessions?

In exceptional cases, you can postpone the date of the session two weeks before the scheduled date.


How do you count time?

We start counting the time of the session from the moment we reach the place of the session – so it’s good to be already dressed up in the first outfit. Be at least 5 minutes before the session. Usually we meet in the parking spot or already at the place of the session. Moving to a different place and changing clothes we do within the time of the photoshoot, not extra.


How does the session look?

I will start from introduction – will tell you what are my ideas for your session, show how to pose etc. This part is very important. Preparing for photos, explaining everything, finding the right view, positions, additional place takes some time and its essential for successful photoshoot. And then we take pictures and it’s a lot of fun;)


Who selects the photos & is it possible to get more photos?

I know perfectly which photos are the best and original therefore I’ll choose them. You can purchase more photos from the session – 10 additional photos cost only 50, -E, 5 additional photos cost 25, -E. (great photos from a session I take always more – during a MINI SESSION around 30; a NORMAL SESSION around 45).


Can I have longer session?

Yes of course. Expanded session will lasts from 2.5 – 3 hours, you will get min. of 50 photos – cost 349, -E. We can combine two locations, e.g. a session in the city and / or at the seaside, in the forest, in flowers field, greenhouse. During this session, we can also visit more locations, e.g. city ​​tour.


How the session looks with Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

It doesn’t matter to the session – there is no risk. All sessions take place with all precautions, maintaining the recommended distance of 2m, the number of people allowed per session, therefore everything is in accordance with applicable regulations.


Will the photos be published?

After the session, you can agree or not to publish by me the best photos from your session on my website or social media.


What if you are sick?

We choose another date. Due to any random events like mine sudden illness, accident or others due to I cannot participate in the session I pledge to propose first possible date for you.


What style of photos will it be?

My style is a combination of beautiful brown colours. You can find examples of photos on my website, Instagram or Facebook. Before the session you declare that you are familiar with my portfolio and accepts my perceptions of image composition, the final effect of post-production, as well as the overall aesthetics of the photos. I also decides whether the picture is in colour or black-white version. If you don’t want any black-white picture please inform me on the day of the session. It is not possible to exchange already delivered photos from the session.


Can I send you pictures that I like?

Sure. Of course. Inspiration is always good. The more information you give me before the session, the better I will be able to meet your requirements. But remember that this is an inspiration and my style will remain the same.


Can I get RAW versions of photos (without processing) or all photos from the session?

Yes you can. Many photographers absolutely do not agree to it, but after careful consideration, these are your photos. These photos, however, cannot be published on social-media. The cost of sending photos is 20, -E