Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…

Mentor sessions 

Time to develop yourself ...

 Work as a wedding & lifestyle photographer is the best job I could have ever dreamed of!

 And I say it absolutely honestly, with hand on my heart I have the greatest, joyful, diversified and most creative job in the world. I mean it. I love every aspect of it. I am extremely grateful to the fate that I managed to reach the moment when my passion became my job and it brings adequate income.

Why I do it?

I have received many inquiries from you with asking me to take you to my wedding or sessions (I shoot love/couple, boudoir, maternity and family sessions) or to teach you. I admit that it was a great honour. However, you must know that I have gained my knowledge over the years, some weddings were booked even 2 years in advance. It was not easy, it took some time and energy, but it was worth it. With my help you can achieve all that has taken me years in a short time.

I would have done some things differently if I had known before ..

It’s already hard to find a photographer for 2021 – most of them are already busy. I myself am almost fully booked for all year! When the Corona slows down, the wedding market will flourish. Therefore, the wedding industry will need many photographers – just the best time for you to stand out.

Learn in action from a professional

There is no better way to learn than by attending a wedding or photoshoot. You will see how it all looks from the kitchen, what is important, how to position yourself and where, how to manage the wedding session well, how to talk to the bride and groom and the guests, what equipment to arrange and how to present yourself so that you will look as professional. You will also receive a range of advice & guidance before / after the wedding or photoshoot and a little during breaks at the wedding.

Create portfolio

In order to encourage clients to choose you as a photographer, you need to have a portfolio. It is easier for couples to choose you if they know about your experience as a wedding & other photographer. Simple as that –  better portfolio – more clients.  

Gain experience as a second-shooter

Being a second photographer requires following some rules – you need to know them before you ever go to a wedding. I will tell you exactly how it looks and what to pay attention to so that you develop good habits.


Below you will find examples of topics that we can raise at the meeting with me. We can practice and talk on any topic important to you.

Develop yourself and find a worthy path

I will eagerly give you advices on which direction to go or tell where your weak points might be – what is worth working on? After reviewing your achievements (website, Facebook, Instagram etc.) I will give you a number of advice that will surely help you to develop yourself.

Rich photographer – how to do it?

I will give valuable tips how to be successful in this business. One small advice – wedding photography is the most profitable type of photography (even during a crisis) and I would certainly encourage you to take this path. But there are other ways too.

Take good photos

This is the basis – a foundation without which it’s hard to go further. We will practice taking photos, set the camera well etc. and I can show you how to give your photos an artistic character, i.e. photo-tricks. I can also help you choose the right equipment necessary for wedding photography.

Edit photos well

We will practice photo-editing. I will show you how I do it, what settings I use and how to adjust photos well to make them look like masterpiece.

Speed up the editing process in Lightroom

In wedding photography, it is very important to do editing quickly because you provide to a couple a lot of photos. We will practice how to edit all photos in a short time.

Make good photo-selection

Mastering the skill of quick and good photo-selecting is the key to success. I can show how to effectively and quickly make selections of wedding photos, what programs to use and how the whole process looks like.

Would you like to start but don’t know how?

Are you an aspiring photographer and would like to know exactly how to get started as a wedding photographer? The right feedback can help you get there faster.

Wedding – all important

I will tell you what the wedding in Holland & Belgium is about and what you have to know before participating your wedding

Get more clients

Good advertising is the key to success. I will tell you how to advertise well in the Netherlands & Belgium, which ads really work and which don’t, and how you can successively advertise for free. Most of my clients come from the free form of advertising.

Mentor sessions are held at my home office in Dongen, Noord Brabant NL, or at an interesting outdoor location nearby me for a quiet conversation and practice.  We can combine two forms.



2 hours of mentor session OFFLINE & ONLINE before the wedding

Participation at the real wedding as a second shooter with all advices

Number of places in 2022 – still 1


Prices excl. BTW

1 extra hour of mentor session  – 129,-e

To participate at the wedding & photoshoot, you must first sign up and make an advance payment of 40, -E. I will provide the available dates for you (for which the couples agree to the presence of the other photographer) as fast as possible in the order of the reservations made.

The number of places is very limited, so I recommend signing up as soon as you can.

At each meeting I will also give you my own Lightroom presets worth 79, -E. 

Check collection here. 

Why is a real wedding or session better than posed / styled with models? Because they will know perfectly well how to behave and pose. Normal couples, i.e. your future clients, mostly have no experience, so you have to take the initiative.

Mentor sessions should add a lot to your life. However, if you feel that you have learned nothing, I will not charge you.