Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…


Lise ♡ Wim ”


Paulina? A TOP Madam! Not only as a photographer, but also as a person.

In our search for a wedding photographer who can capture spontaneity, naturalness and pure emotions, our eye immediately fell on her.

She has immortalized our fairytale on screen, where the magic comes to life. No detail escapes her and she knows how to seize the perfect moment every time.

Paulina is a nice guest at your wedding who creates a great atmosphere with her energetic personality. All our guests loved her and together we had a lot of fun during the photo shoot. The photos are all small masterpieces and speak for themselves; the fun, warmth, laughter and happy tears radiate from it!

We couldn’t wish for a more beautiful souvenir …

Lots of love,

Olja & Bart

„Paulina made our wedding!

We fell in love with her at first picture we have seen in Instagram. Second time we fell in love with her when she made a video session with us. And we were fully charmed when we finally met her on our day! You can feel how she likes what she does!!!
Paulina is highly professional. She knows how to catch what a couple wants. Within a few minutes among a family she becomes a big friend with everyone. Her energy is moving the environment in a beautiful way. She is prepared for everything, she tracks the time and even later on keeps contact intensively!
Paulina surrounded us by tender loving care. You can even assume she is focused only on your couple and does not make any other events – stays with you up to the last page. We are so happy that we’ve met and relied on her. We love you very much and even though you are not on any of our pictures – you are there by your art.
Thank you”

 Pati & Emil

…that these are the most beautiful photos I have seen in my life…

„Paulina is the best choice we could make on such an
important day for us. She has great talent and can capture the best scenery and
the most beautiful emotions. She can also work in all conditions, which proved
our session in the rain. It came out beautiful and original. We are also
pleased with the cooperation because she is a person with whom you can feel at
ease and you do not even realize that then a work of art which is her
photographs is created. The entire wedding reportage and session exceeded our expectations
and it is not only our opinion that these are the most beautiful photos I have
seen in my life. We highly recommend and anyone who chooses Pauline as a
photographer on this beautiful day will have better photos than he could have
dreamed of. „⠀


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Antonia & Jeremy

…Our wedding pictures from Paulina are MORE than what we ever dreamed of…

It seemed as if she was just playing around with her camera, having fun with it, and then she sent us the pictures – we were BLOWN AWAY!!! We have looked at the photos a million times and we can’t get over them – everything about them. Paulina captured all of our emotions. And the editing… Wow. And by the way – she was FANTASTIC and energetic and created a wonderful atmosphere at our small corona wedding. All of our guests loved her and they said “as soon as we saw her walk in, we could see she was a professional” 😉

Paulina, to us you are a true Artist.

Jeanine & Mark

…I look back to the wedding with such love through her pictures!…


Normally I don’t like being in the picture at all, but Paulina ….. She is so professional, she makes you shine !! She is patient, but also really present. She makes sure that everything is in the picture, she does not miss the small details. I look back to the wedding with such love through her pictures! Paulina is highly recommended! I really want her to make all subsequent photo shoots!

Thanks Paulina,

Much love,


Noelia & Alex

…The photos were 1000x more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed…

Paulina is the best photographer I’ve ever shot with! In addition to making you feel very comfortable with her soft and sweet character, she has an enormous eye for detail and managed to capture the most beautiful moments of our wedding. The photos were 1000x more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed. For any subsequent shoots (such as a pregnancy shoot) we will definitely book her again and highly recommend her.

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Angelika & Krystian

I can heartily recommend Paulinke! He has great contact with people, he can conjure up beautiful photos with ordinary activities! You can see that he is passionate about it because everything turns out magically  a wonderful souvenir for life.  Thank you 

Kayleigh & Gerben

“One of our best investments in the wedding was Paulina as a photographer. 

She has captured such stunning moments so beautifully and wonderfully. You can see that she photographs with a lot of passion! In any case, we can no longer stop looking at our wedding photos and have received compliments from everyone about how beautiful the photos have become.  I can recommend Paulina to everyone, the contact beforehand is very nice and clear. Paulina thinks along with you and also comes up with many nice ideas for the photos. Paulina thank you very much for this beautiful lasting memory of the most beautiful day of our lives and maybe see you in the future for a nice shoot of our family. “

Kathleen & Bob 

Paulina heeft ons huwelijk op twee verschillende dagen gefotografeerd (wettelijke trouw en huwelijksfeest). Ze communiceerde heel duidelijk op voorhand over alle afspraken. Op beide dagen is ze erin geslaagd de sfeer van die dag perfect op de foto’s te krijgen! Bovendien is ze een heel lief en warm persoon en voelden wij (en onze gasten) ons erg op ons gemak bij haar! Tijdens het feest mengde ze zich onopvallend tussen de gasten, waardoor de foto’s heel spontaan zijn. Zeker weten een super harde aanrader!

Natalia & Jef

Paulina is de beste fotografe die we kennen. We zijn zo ontzettend blij met onze foto’s. Ze zijn zo mooi, gewoon perfect. Paulina kon perfect onze emoties vastleggen. Paulina zelf is zo fijn en positief, we voelden ons direct op ons gemak bij haar. Echt een top madam! 😍💕

Neline & Dave

…She puts so much love and passion into it…

Paulina recorded our wedding day – so extremely beautiful photos. I recommend everyone, really everyone, to choose Paulina as a wedding photographer. She puts so much love and passion into it. And that is clearly visible in the beautiful end result!

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Paulina & Mati 

I recommend Paulina with all my heart! 

The best photographer we have had the opportunity to work with. Not only due to the fact that she performs her work with full commitment. Paulina is a very open person, able to create a very relaxed atmosphere during the session. This means that the participants of the session are not short-circuited, thanks to which the photos are amazing!

Thank you again, it was definitely not our last session.


“…Paulina has an extraordinary talent to not only take beautiful photos but also to make people feel relaxed…

… while in front of the camera. You will feel comfortable even if normally you are anxious and prefer to run away when people try to take a picture of you. She makes you feel like a super model even if you are sky and not sure about your own look.

Paulina’s eyes reflect her curiosity and deep focus on a moment, thanks to that her pictures show not only the most beautiful aspects of your body, but also reflect your soul. She has a unique ability to capture the moment and the character of a person in front of her camera.

She doesn’t force anything on you, but she gently encourages you to show your real self. She makes you dance in a rain, jump or stand in pose that is the most natural. Nothing is forced, nothing is too staged, but she does give a lot of good tips about posing and how to dress the best for the photoshoot.


In addition to that contact with Paulina couldn’t be easier. She was always very responsive and delivered pictures on time. I’m a person who hates any type of photoshoots, but I can say – with Paulina I could do it again!”