Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…

Lightroom presets 

…stand out with your photography, meet a demanding clients and unify your style…

In today’s photography it is very important that the style of the photos will remain similar on all photos – whether it’s for a wedding or a photo shoot. Most photographers for most photo-editing benefit from the Lightroom program – this is now standard.

The MAGIC COLORS and SUBTLE BLACK & WHITE preset collection will allow you to stand out with your photography, meet a demanding clients and unify your style.

All my photos have been edited based on this collection. My style is very popular, adored by couples and other photographers. It allows me to achieve beautiful, natural skin colours, a beautiful vivid shade of white, muted green etc. My presets have been made to fit many types of photos and cameras therefore with this collection, you don’t need any other presets.

Trendy Lightroom Presets MAGIC COLORS and SUBTLE BLACK & WHITE

The collection will allow you to achieve brilliant colours in your photos, whether it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding reportage, a session in a cloudy day, a wonderful sunset or photos taken in low or yellow light. Each preset is perfectly made so your photos reach the level of a masterpiece. If you are unhappy with my presets I will refund your money.



1 installation manual

Normal price 89, -E / now only 69, -E

To purchase a preset I will send you a tikkie for easy transfer (or bank account number). You will get the presets the same day by e-mail + instructions on how to set them up and how I use them. Presets work only on a computer version of Lightroom, not on a mobile. 

MAGIC COLORS PRESETS consists of 7 presets
  1. STANDARD – suitable for most photos
  2. CITY TOUR – the city collection perfectly harmonizes with the colour of the buildings
  3. GREENERY – perfect for green areas, forests, parks, etc.
  4. SUNDOWN – usable when the sun is already setting, we need more light and colours in the photos
  5. INSIDE 1 – inside the buildings with difficult light 2
  6. INSIDE 2 – inside buildings
  7. SPARKLE – after dark outside, it is perfect for photos sparkles
  1. STANDARD BLACK – suitable for most photos
  2. MOODY BLACK – gives a beautiful and delicate moody character
  3. STRONG BLACK – highlights all details