Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…



Isabella & Asael

I love ourdoors weddings! But an ourdoor wedding in beautiful, sunny day and on a beach in Den Haag? 100 Times YES !!

I love my couples. Each of them has always interesting stories to share. I always listen with a smile on my face. But THIS couple is unique in every aspect – maybe therefore their wedding was probably one of the best?

She – a German physiotherapist working with Wheelchair Basketball players. He – from Israel, who lost his leg due to the convergence of accidents. However, it did not stop him from achieving success in sport on the world scale. If you want to know more about Asael – here is the touching video about him. 🙂

As Isabella wrote to me, ” (…) it turned out to be an epic love story that knows no languge / country / religious”. And Yes – from the moment I met them It seems even more like this.

The day started like a fairy tale …

The preparations took place at the Grand Hotel Amrah Kurhaus in a beautiful, royal room. This hotel has become the haven of Den Haag – its visiting card. Whoever was, he certainly saw it. Isabella was helped by her the closest friends and mother, Asael by his teammates, brother and the closest family. It was funny, touching and there was enough champagne! Photoshoot took place in the Westbroekpark Rose Garden in Den Haag – near the hotel and the beach.

Ahh … what a ceremony it was! Full of touching speeches, tears and laugh! Exactly how we all like the most. The party was held at the Boomerang Beach Restaurant  in the same area. The hall decorated with peonies – Isabella’s favorite flowers looked great! The most amazing moment that I had the opportunity to observe was the golden sun breaking through the glass to the hall painted in pastel colors directly on the guests and tables. Everything was luminous. For me, the soul of the artist – I could not take my eyes off and stop taking pictures.  Something beautiful!

The day ended with the session at sunset (can you imagine better? :))  – but just for me. They probably had amazing party till the morning!

Isabella and Asael – THANK YOU!!