Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…

Relive the day always anew.

Invoke the greatest emotions.

Enjoy perfect execution.

Exclusive, perfectly designed in every way, which brings back all the most beautiful memories every time you turn over the page. It will be the most beautiful witness of your great love for for future generations.


How does the album look like?

Made with a hardcover with matte laminate with thick, stiff sheets in a matte finish and smooth tonal gradations. Thanks to its large size (when unfolded, the album is up to 60 cm) it looks exceptionally luxurious. Each album will be packed in an elegant box and this is how you can present it to your family & friends. 


How the album will be made?

I will send you cover options to choose from, as well as layouts, colors etc. You pick all the photos you like by presing a heart in pixiset gallery from your wedding. I would also ask you to send beautiful texts, vouvs ect. Thanks to these 3 steps, the album will be exactly what you dreamed of.

I recommend choosing about 60-70 photos for a 28-page album, and 100-120 photos for a 40-page album. I will use most of the photos at your choice, and I’ll add others to keep the whole book consistent. After finishing, I’ll send a printscreens for your approval so we can still make some slight changes for perfection.

7 reasons why you shoold have an album from your wedding


  1. Album will be the most beautiful witness of your great love both for you and for future generations. Live this day again – every time you reach for it and turn the pages, all beautiful memories will come back.
  2. Create a beautiful album is much more difficult than you imagine – you need an artistic spirit, many hours of commitment and experience. Who will do it better than a professional?
  3. If you are thinking to make an album yourself but later.. Eh.. Most likely it’s not gonna happend. Why? Becasue other things will be more important.
  4. A family or friends who will come around will surely want to see how your wedding looked. You will show them the album.
  5. I have discounts for photographers therefore the price is almost halfly lower than if you would like to do it yourself.
  6. The wedding costs a lot of money – it is known. Wedding venue, dress & suits, details, decorations, food… it is worth to be expose in a best possible way.
  7. Album is much more comfortable than printed, loose photos. Everything is in order and we only turn the page. In addition, you can add subtitles and descriptions to make it more personal.




28 pages

 30 x 30 cm

When unfolded 60×30 

1 copy – 349,-E

2 copies – 280,-E each 

3 and more copies – 260,-E each 



40 pages


 30 x 30 cm

When unfolded 60×30



1 copy – 449,-E

2 copies – 350,-E each 

3 and more copies – 330,-E each