Photography is the truth. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…

Hi lovely couples! 

My name is Paulina – elopement & wedding photographer based in the South of the Netherlands, photographing all over the country and Belgium, increasingly around Europe. I also organise mentor meetings for other photographers.

 I am a huge fan of natural photographs, full of emotions, happiness, passion and, above all, that shows how beautiful you are. My work’s been published & reworded in many different ways and I have received a lot of beautiful opinions from my couples. 

People say about me that I am “extremely friendly, enthusiastic and cheerful”, “fantastic and energetic”, ”with lots of energy and head full of ideas.“ I trully think that those words perfectly descibe me 🙂 

 Working as a photographer is the best job I could have ever dreamed of. I love every aspect of it and it fits perfectly my temperament, character and passions.




Paulina? A TOP Madam! Not only as a photographer, but also as a person.

In our search for a wedding photographer who can capture spontaneity, naturalness and pure emotions, our eye immediately fell on her.

She has immortalized our fairytale on screen, where the magic comes to life. No detail escapes her and she knows how to seize the perfect moment every time.

Paulina is a nice guest at your wedding who creates a great atmosphere with her energetic personality. All our guests loved her and together we had a lot of fun during the photo shoot. The photos are all small masterpieces and speak for themselves; the fun, warmth, laughter and happy tears radiate from it!

We couldn’t wish for a more beautiful souvenir …

Lots of love,

Lise ♡ Wim ”




„… photos were 1000 times more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed …”



„… photos were 1000 times more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed …”

Mentor sessions 

Time to develop yourself ...

 Work as a wedding & lifestyle photographer is the best job I could have ever dreamed of!

 And I say it absolutely honestly, with hand on my heart I have the greatest, joyful, diversified and most creative job in the world. I mean it. I love every aspect of it. I am extremely grateful to the fate that I managed to reach the moment when my passion became my job and it brings adequate income.

I would have done some things differently if I had known before ..

It’s already hard to find a photographer for 2021 – most of them are already busy. I myself am almost fully booked for all year! When the Corona slows down, the wedding market will flourish. Therefore, the wedding industry will need many photographers – just the best time for you to stand out.

 Pati & Emil

…that these are the most beautiful photos I have seen in my life…

„Paulina is the best choice we could make on such an
important day for us. She has great talent and can capture the best scenery and
the most beautiful emotions. She can also work in all conditions, which proved
our session in the rain. It came out beautiful and original. We are also
pleased with the cooperation because she is a person with whom you can feel at
ease and you do not even realize that then a work of art which is her
photographs is created. The entire wedding reportage and session exceeded our expectations
and it is not only our opinion that these are the most beautiful photos I have
seen in my life. We highly recommend and anyone who chooses Pauline as a
photographer on this beautiful day will have better photos than he could have
dreamed of. „⠀


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